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TV Streaming Websites

TV Streaming Websites

The best websites on the Internet to stream TV programs online...

By now most of you may have heard that Hulu, one of the most popular video streaming websites, will begin charging for its content in 2010. So what does that mean for all the rest of us cheapskates looking to watch free TV? Lucky enough, not much, you’ll just have to spend a little extra time, hunting and bookmarking your favorite video streaming sites.

Free TV and Video Streaming Websites



YouTube is quite possibly the most popular free video streaming website. Despite a few ups and downs regarding copyright issues, many popular music videos and TV programs have already returned. As well as user submitted clips, you can find full TV episodes, news updates, or chose to subscribe to user channels.

Google Video

Since the acquisition of YouTube by Internet giants Google, Google video has become a great source for nearly every video clip on the Internet. Compiling searches from a range of sources including YouTube, Google, Daily Motion, Hulu and AOL, there is hardly a video out there you can’t find with Google Video.

American TV Channels

Anyone residing in the U.S, can watch the latest news and TV shows by directly visiting the broadcasters website. Channels such FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS all air their recent programs online.

The bad news is these channels are only available withing the U.S. But it is possible to work around this using a proxy shield. The proxy shield encrypts and protects inbound/outbound Internet traffic (email, instant messaging, VoIP calls, web surfing, etc.) by creating a virtual private network (VPN). When using a proxy shield like HotSpot, which is based in the U.S., you will appear to be accessing the website from a network in America, thus being able to view your channel of choice.

Another option is to use UltraSurf, the flagship anti-censorship software from UltraReach Internet Corp.. It enables users inside countries with heavy Internet censorship to visit any public web sites in the world safely and freely.

There are many other VPN softwares available, paid and unpaid, but broadcasters are aware of this, and regularly update security measures to block this form of hacking. That means your VPN might not allow you access to Hulu, until developers modify their code that is.


OVG your one-stop website to find all your favorite video streaming websites. Just one quick look at site reveals how huge its data base is. Through OVG’s website you can find links to all kinds of TV including sports, series, documentaries, soap operas, news, comedy and even adult TV.

UK’s Channel 4 on YouTube

If you haven’t been able to pick up on my British heritage through the typically British way I write (which may explained the randomness of my spelling), here’s where I spill the beans.

I simply can’t live without British TV, and the best news I’ve had in a while was hearing that Channel 4 have put its content online via YouTube. Thanks guys, now shows like Peep Show and Daredevils are accessible through one easy bookmark.

[Edit]So I got this wrong. The Channel 4 TV streaming is only open to UK residents.

BBC iPlayer Going International

So, if the Channel 4 treat didn’t flick your switch, perhaps the BBC iPlayer, soon to stream outside of UK borders might do? Hopefully this might reduce the numbers of drunk Brits in pubs round the world trying to watch Eastenders. What it means for me is that I will no longer have to hunt out classic BBC comedies such as the Office, the Thick of It, and the Mighty Boosh, as well as documentaries from greats like Sir. David Attenborough.


SopCast is great bit of software that streams Internet TV from China. Many of the programs to stream in Chinese but a select few including Discovery Channel and National Geographic, are aired in English. You will also find most sports games from MBL to Soccer, also streamed in English.

To start using SopCast you will need to visit the site, then download and install the SopCast client.


Besides SopCast and TV Player Universal, there are many other applications you can install to stream TV channels from all over the world.

To get started go to , scroll down the page and click on one of the TV streaming clients.

You will then be taken to page with a quick overview of the player. Decide which one you like, download, install and start watching.

Justin TV

Justin TV was originally hailed as ‘Live Video and Chat for Everyone’. Thankfully that includes being able to find channels streaming pay-per-view sports, news, documentaries, comedies and movies from around the globe.

TV Links

TV Links is another huge site with links to almost any TV program you can think of. There are also links to documentaries and movies. Many of the links are sourced from websites like as Mega Video, and at least half the links I visit are broken. Nevertheless, TV Links still provides a great selection of TV programs and movies.


Youku is basically China’s version of YouTube. User submitted videos are usually in Chinese, but there are several hard-to-find English/American TV programs uploaded there – I’m guessing the Chinese script makes it difficult for broadcasters to located their programs and request they be removed. Of course this can make searching difficult but it’s still possible. Try searching in English, then browsing the results. If you can find full episode parts, copy and paste the Chinese script and search again.

South Park Studios

South Park fans all over world can rejoice now that every episode has been uploaded on Trey Parker and Matt Stones South Park website.

All 13 seasons (uploaded after being aired on TV) are available in their full splendor.

The Simpsons Online

Unfortunately a little slow at streaming out here in Asia, Watch The Simpsons Online hosts all 21 seasons of the famous family
and counterparts.

Family Guy Online

I first found all the Family Guy episode through links at, but these days I go straight to FamilyGuyDirect. Picture quality isn’t the best, but it’s quick, and of course, you’ll find all the seasons from 1 – 8.

American Dad Online

After went down, I panicked. But thankfully there are still others, AmericanDadHQ for one. Again streaming here in Asia is a little slow, but once again, all seasons and episodes are available.

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