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txtrbeagle E-Reader Could Sell For Just 13 Dollars

txtrbeagle E-Reader Could Sell For Just 13 Dollars

The txtrbeagle e-reader could be the worlds cheapest…

While the tablet craze certainly slowed down the e-reader boom, the full color Amazon Kindle Fire HD brought new features to easy-on-the-eyes device.

However, a new e-reader from German company TXTR could give the consumers a new highly affordable option.

The txtrbeagle doesn’t support all the features of its competitors – Amazon and Barnes & Noble – e.g. there’s no Wi-Fi, illumination or touchscreen, but it will ship with a much lower price tag. If the company can get carriers onboard the txtrbeagle will sell for just $13.

txtr beagle e reader

txtrbeagle E-Reader

Thomas Leliveld, txtr chief commercial officer, stated in a press release:

“So far network operators have not actively marketed eReading. In our view, this is because of the lack of a suitable device, which matches the crucial conditions relevant to the operator business model.”

Without Wi-Fi, books are transferred to the device via Bluetooth and an accompanying Android app. The device runs on 3 AAA batteries – no rechargeable option just yet – which apparently power it for long enough to get through 12-15 books.

If talks with carriers go to plan, the device could be the cheapest E-reader on the planet.

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  1. Do we know the size of the screen?

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