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UFC Personal Trainer For Xbox Kinect

UFC Personal Trainer For Xbox Kinect

Unleash the fitness secrets of the UFCs top fighters….

Available for Xbox Kinect now, the UFC Personal Trainer is the most intense workout you’re ever likely to see on a gaming console. With over 70 exercises from Boxing and Muay Thai striking combo’s to wrestling and ground workouts, the UFCs top trainers and fighters uncover their top techniques for losing weight, getting fit and building muscle.

The huge range of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training exercises and routines included in the fitness game have all been designed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and leading MMA training experts such as Greg Jackson, Javier Mendez, Mark Dellagrotte, Rachelle Leah.

ufc personal trainer for xbox kinect 1

UFC Personal Trainer For Xbox Kinect

Each exercise targets specific muscle groups, and as you reach the computer set targets, you’ll unlock more exercise and drills to master. The game allows you to customize your own personal workouts with up to 10 routines plus warm ups and cool downs.

You can also challenge friends in competitions and share your achievements online.

The hands free system works using Kinect’s voice command system, which allows you to really concentrate on your routines, and reaching your next goal, without fiddling around with buttons.

With the UFC and its world renowned trainers producing some of the most toughened men on the planet, the UFC Personal Trainer for Xbox is by far the most intense, professional and effective personal trainer you’ve every likely to get in your living room.

ufc personal trainer for xbox kinect

UFC Personal Trainer For Xbox Kinect

UFC Personal Trainer Xbox Financing

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