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UMS Flight Simulator

UMS Flight Simulator

Australia’s high-tech flight simulator providing pilots with more G’s than ever before…

The Universal Motion Simulator, located at the Deakin University in Australia, is given military and police pilots a training environment that can provide up to 6 G’s of force.

The UMS mainly uses off-the-shelf technologies, including a Kinect-style motion capture and tracking system, a 3D display, as well as sensors that monitor vital signs. The arm itself is a heavily modified industrial arm.

ums flight simulator

UMS Flight Simulator

The system has six degrees of freedom, allowing for two axis of continuous rotation. And although the UMS is best suited for flight training, it could also be used for simulating land-based vehicles.

Professor Saeid Nahavandi, Director of the Centre for Intelligent Systems Research at Deakin, said:

“No other simulator can provide the full experience of flying a military jet with all the gut wrenching G-forces while only seven meters off the ground.”

The next stage is to build another UMS and link them together so fighter pilots can recreate dogfights with their buddies.

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