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Universal 3D Glasses For 3D Video

Universal 3D Glasses For 3D Video

Standardized Technology For 3D active shutter glasses...

Three of Asia’s top electronics manufactures have announced a collaboration with one of the world’s top 3D glasses manufacturers to establish a standardized technology for 3D active shutter glasses that will be compatible with all future 3DTVs and 3D projectors.

Sony, Panasonic and Samsung have all teamed up with 3D glasses brand XPAND in hope to successfully market what they think will be a suitable solution to the compatibility issues that plagues different brands of 3DTVs.

xpand universal active shutter 3d glasses

XPAND Universal 3D Glasses

The decision comes just 4 months after XPAND originally announced its first universal 3D glasses. And although the new announcement also states that a new technology will be employed for the new universal glasses, they will be backward compatible with 2011 XPAND devices.

XPAND technology can already be found in many cinema’s worldwide, as well as 3DTVs and projectors from Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG (compatible only with IR models), Phillips, Mitsubishi (with compatible emitter), Sharp and Toshiba.

XPAND hopes that with new support from top manufacturers, the new active shutter 3D glasses compatible with most 3D devices could be on the shelves as soon as 2012.

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