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Army Lt Col Spaces Walks

Army Lt Col Spaces Walks

Army Astronaut Lt. Col. Kimbrough Spaces Walks To Repair International Space Station...

On the 10th anniversary of the International Space Station, Army Lt. Col. Shane Kimbrough donned his space suit to service equipment on the exterior of the station.

Kimbrough was given the role of mission specialist on Space Shuttle Endeavor’s current 15-day mission STS-126, to prepare the International Space Station to support twice the number of crew members living there.

Army Lt. Col Kimbrough Nasa Space Team

Army Lt. Col Kimbrough Nasa Space Team

He and astronaut Heidemarie Stefyshyn-Piper completed their task in a six hour and 45 minute space walk, during which they had relocate two crew and equipment translation aid carts, lubricate the Canadarm2 end effector, and clean the starboard solar alpha rotary joint – two 10-foot-wide, wheel-shaped joints on the station’s truss that allow the electricity-generating solar panels to rotate in the direction of the sun. .

The use of the starboard solar alpha rotary joint had been limited since 2007, when flight controllers noticed increased power consumption and irregular vibration.

Kimbrough and Piper were able to successfully clean and lubricate the bearings, whilst replacing the joint’s trundle bearing assemblies.

Piper and Kimbrough headed out of the International Space Station’s Quest Airlock at 11:58 am, 18th Nov, and returned to the Space Station at 6:43 pm the same day.

The mission went without incident however, as the space walkers were finishing up, ground controllers noticed Kimbrough’s carbon dioxide levels were high so he headed back to the airlock several minutes before Piper.

For members of the military or future members interested in pursuing a career with NASA, this video clip offers the personal story of two military members who are apart of the current mission that were greatly aided and better prepared because of there experiences and training with the military.

The 116th spacewalk dedicated to station assembly and maintenance was the second of the four planned during space shuttle Endeavor’s STS-126 mission.

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