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US Navy Drone Captures Drug Smugglers

US Navy Drone Captures Drug Smugglers

Watch a US Navy helicopter drone tail drug smugglers whilst on a routine test run…

Drones are taking over aviation warfare and defense, and it’s not surprising, these unmanned aerial vehicles are proving so effective that they just can’t help doing the job, even during training.

On the 3rd of April, whilst on a routine test flight a U.S. Navy Fire Scout spotted a go-fast boat suspected of carrying narcotics. Maintain a stealthy tail for three hours; the drone captured the journey via its onboard cameras.

The drone’s quite surveillance eventually allowed the USS McInerney and its detachment of U.S. Coast Guard law enforcement to move in for the seizure.

The smugglers were able to quickly dump an estimated 440 pounds into the water, but Navy ship still seized approx 132 pounds.

Check out the vid from the drone’s camera below….

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