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TV Crew To Film Pirates Of Somalia

TV Crew To Film Pirates Of Somalia

Reality TV Documents The Pirates Of Somalia And Ethiopia...

Pirating of the coast of Africa is big business, so big in fact that the world wants to know more. Spike TV are filming a new reality TV series which covers in detail, the US Navy’s ongoing operation to end the threat of hijacking off the African coast.

Somalian Pirates Capatured

The US Navy has allowed Spike TV and production company 44 Blue in-depth access on their mission which embarks from a military base located in the seaside nation of Djibouti (bordering Somalia and Ethiopia).

The cameras plan to capture life on board the two US warships, the USS San Antonio and USS Boxer, whilst documenting the cat and mouse struggle to rid the Gulf of Aden from pirates who hijack commercial transport vessels worth millions.

Somalian Pirates Captures By Puntland Polica Guards

The show is titled Pirate Hunters: USN, and is produced by the production company responsible for The True Story of Black Hawk Down and Lockup, and Adam Friedman who is known for producing Vertical Assent.

Rasha Drachkovitch, president and founder of 44 Blue said:

“With Pirate Hunters: USN, our goal is to capture that drama for the TV audience in order to highlight the heroic work undertaken by the US Navy every day in this fight against terrorism.”

US Navy Assisting Crew Captured By Somalian Pirates

The announcement comes right after a dramatic five-day standoff where Navy Seal snipers rescued an American cargo ship captain and killed three Somali pirates in a rescue operation.

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