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Communications At Speed And Depth

Communications At Speed And Depth

U.S. Submarines to get hooked up to the Internet…

A new system developed by Lockheed Martin will bring the Internet and Military networks to U.S Navy submarines cruising the depths of the oceans.

The Communications at Speed and Depth is similar to previous systems that use buoys to receive data on submarines, but unlike any others, Lockheed Martin’s new system will be able to receive and send data.

lockheed martine communications at speed and depth

Communications at Speed and Depth

The system employs three buoys; two of which are tethered on miles of fiber-optic leash, and one that is free-floating. The tethered buoys can communicate via UHF or through the Iridium satellite network, and the miles of fiber-optic leash allow the submarine to operate at optimal speed and depth – hence the name.

The free floater can be dropped from a plane or launched from the sub and communicates with the sub acoustically. All three buoys are expendable; the two tethered ones operate for around 30 mins before disposing of themselves; the free-floater can operate for 3 days.

The first buoys are supposed to be delivered to the Navy for operational testing by January 2011.

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