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USS Gerald R. Ford-Class Carrier (CVN-78)

USS Gerald R. Ford-Class Carrier (CVN-78)

A 3D rendering of how the U.S. Navy's new Gerald R. Ford-Class (CVN-78) super carrier is being built...

Building an aircraft carrier is a monstrous feat of engineering. The process is so complex that it’s almost impossible to envision how these floating cities are put together. This great clip, which depicts how the U.S Nvay’s new will be built, gives a great visual perspective of the build from start to finish.

Officially designated the PCU Gerald R. Ford-Class Carrier (CVN-78), the new Ford-class supercarrier, scheduled to completed in 2015, will be the U.S. Navy’s flagship carrier with a ton of new technologies that make the vessel more powerful efficient, and to put it quite simply, way more deadly.

ford-class supercarrier cvn-78

Gerald R. Ford-Class (CVN-78) Carrier

Image Credit: Artist Rendering, U.S. Navy.

Already 7 years in the making – with another 3 to go – Northrop Grumman started preliminary construction in 2005 after being awarded a $2.7 billion Navy contract. Official design and building began in 2008 following a second Navy contract for $5.1 billion.

The ship, which is being built by Huntington Ingalls’s Newport News Shipyard, will eventually replace the Nimitz-class carriers in use today.

Among the ship’s new features is a new improved nuclear propulsion plant, powered by two A1B nuclear reactors. The system requires just a third of the man power to maintain – compared to the reactors used to power previous Nimitz-class carriers.

The ship also has larger flight deck with an Electromagnetic Aircraft Launching System (EMALS), and Advanced Arresting Gear, (AAG). Weapons and material handling access has also been modifed and the interior of the ship was designed with quality of life improvements in mind.

And aside from the array of new tech, she’s also the first carrier to be entirely designed using three-dimensional modeling software – hence the fantatic video presentation.

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