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3 Amputee Veterans Climb Kilimanjaro

3 Amputee Veterans Climb Kilimanjaro

Amputee veterans prove no mountain is too small…

Three US amputee veterans with only 1 good leg between them have conquered Mt. Kilimanjaro to show the world that disability need not lead to inactivity.

The war veterans of Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, reached the 19,330ft (5,891m) summit of Africa’s highest peak in just six days. Constantly having to stop to adjust their titanium prosthetic legs, the men made extremely good time as the climb typically takes 5-6 days.

amputee veterans climb mt.kilimanjaro

US Amputee Veterans Climb Kilimanjaro

The hikers Kirk Bauer, 62, who lost a leg in Vietnam in 1969; Dan Nevins, 37, who lost his legs in Iraq; and Neil Duncan, 26, who lost both legs in a roadside bomb attack in Afghanistan in 2005.

Despite the good time made by the veterans, the journey was far from easy. The loose scree surface made it hard for the hikers to navigate paths, and as a result of the constant slipping and tumbling, Mr. Nevins unfortunately developed a bad sore on one of his stumps and was airlifted from the peak on a wheeled stretcher.

Nevertheless, the huge achievement will no doubt inspire others with similar disabilities. Mr. Bauer, executive director of Disabled Sports USA, said:

“If three amputees from three different wars and two different generations with literally one good leg can climb Kilimanjaro, our other disabled friends can get out and go hiking or go biking or swim a mile, can get out and lead a healthy life,”

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