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Use Apple Magic Trackpad With Windows

Use Apple Magic Trackpad With Windows

Want to use an Apple Magic Trackpad with Windows? Check out this easy system tweak…

Despite the fact that Apple’s Magic Trackpad brochure claims the device is only compatible with Bluetooth enabled Mac’s running OS X Snow Leopard, Windows users can still enjoy the multi-touch interface on their XP, Vista and Windows 7 systems.

It’s no secret that the Magic Trackpad is compatible with Windows when using the dual-boot tool BootCamp, it’s also no secret that BootCamp provides the platform for the smoothest Magic Trackpad experience when using Windows. Nevertheless, with a little tinkering, Windows die-hards can still use the Magic track pad on computers.

use apple magic trackpad with windows

Use Apple Magic Trackpad With Windows

How to use Apple’s Magic Trackpad in Windows OS (Without BootCamp)

  • First you’ll need to download the support drivers from the Apple website here>>>
  • You won’t be able to run these files, to do that you’ll need to download a copy of the 7-zip extractor here>>>
  • Use 7-Zip to extract the .exe files you download from the Apple support website.
  • 7-zip will then create a file called “BootCampUpdate32.msp”. Extract this file with 7-zip too.
  • The second extraction with create several sub folders with names such as ‘BootCamp3135*’
  • Look for the file called “Binary.AppleWirelessTrackpad_Bin”. Rename this file so it reads “Binary.AppleWirelessTrackpad_Bin.exe”
  • Now click on this file to run the driver install for the Magic Trackpad.
magic trackpad installation windows

Magic Trackpad Installation For Windows

Once the installation has finished, your Magic Trackpad should be paired up with your Windows OS.


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  1. So I did this and installed the drivers, and my bluetooth can connect to the device but I cant completely pair with it. It asks me the the pair code, but I cant type the same key in with the touchpad.
    I looked through the manual for a present passcode and I couldn’t find anything.

  2. try 0000
    worked fine with me…

  3. The pair code is 0000.

  4. DL1067 has disappeared from Apple website. Anyone can tell me where to find BootCampUpdate32.msp today ? tks 

  5. I have Paired my Trackpad but it keeps switching off.I get a green light then it goes off

  6. Thanks for the 0000 !

  7. @J Gamble
    I had the same thing, but found a way to solve it.
    * Install the driver as mentioned above.
    * Remove the device from Windows 7 (while the trackpad is active) in Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers.
    * Switch off the device.
    * Switch on the device. Win7 should be looking for the device and should have found it.
    * It will ask for the pairing code (It’s 4 zeroes, 0000). Enter that and OK. Then it should work without switching off.

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