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High-Tech Swiss Army Knife

High-Tech Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox’s Swiss Army knife goes high-tech for the digital boy scouts.

Since its creation in 1897, Victorinox’s Swiss Army knife has received all manner of new attachments to suit the needs of different users. A quick browse though the company’s site reveals a whole host of different categories and designs, but none are quite as ‘geek’ as company’s new Secure USB Swiss Army Knife.

The Victorinox Secure Swiss Army knife adds 32GB of super-secure storage, along with and LED light, fingerprint scanner and a ball point pen, as well as the usual Swiss Army Knife attachments.

victorinox secure 32gb swiss army knife

Victorinox Secure 32GB Swiss Army Knife

Image Credit: Victorinox, 2011.

The finger print scanner works in conjunction with a thermal sensor, so a cold severed finger cannot access the data. The onboard storage is said to be so secure that when Victoronix offered a £100,000 reward to any hacker that could crack the encryption within two hours, every single attempt failed. The tool also comes with an Inspector Gadget style self destruct mode, which burns the CPU and memory chip if the device is forcefully opened.

There are a range of different secure 32GB Swiss Army Knives featuring varying tools including scissors, blades, screwdrivers and nail files. In the future, Victorinox says we can expect another model of the Secure USB Swiss Army Knife that features the ability to print the contents of the drive directly on e-paper.

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