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Mersive Sol System 360 Degree High Definition Humvee Simulator

Mersive Sol System 360 Degree High Definition Humvee Simulator

This High Definition 360 degree projection system may make its way into the home for the ultimate gaming experience.

This 360-degree ultra-high-definition military simulator allows you to drive a Humvee and fire real weapons including machine guns and rocket launchers, anywhere you want, with absolute precision.

The 10-projector system achieves a seamless panorama thanks to Mersive’s Sol system; a calibration, warping and sub-pixel image blending technology that may soon be adapted from military sims to your living room gaming.

Watch The Video and check the Halo 3-like scenario

In a recent interview, Mersive’s Sales and Marketing Manager Robert Bolen said,

There are two parts in the system. First is the camera-based calibration and the other is the actual warping and blending engine.

Sol can get any number of projectors and project a single huge image over a surface of any shape and size. The system is a standalone software component that converts a cluster of projectors into a coherent display by discovering the geometric and intrinsic parameters of the cluster of devices. The process which is completely automatic, measures projected fiducials and intensity patterns from each projector and converts these measurements into information that can be used to blend the projectors into a single display. The software runs on the Sol sever in order to isolate it form other computing platforms and once calibrations have been computed and stored; the information can be accessed via the Sol RealTime API.

The Sol RealTime API is the warping engine. It determines how three-dimensional applications (i.e. flight simulators, games, architectural walkthroughs) should modify their rendering pipeline in order to achieve sub-pixel warping and blending. The Sol RealTime warping engine is capable of computing:

  1. Geometric distortion of each projected image to sub-pixel accuracy
  2. Intensity correction at overlap regions to seamlessly blend projected images
  3. A three-channel color transfer function for all pixels that lie in overlap regions to better ensure color consistency across the display

The system is can easily be incorporated for use with home gaming consoles, no new technologies are needed. Companies that are interested in multi-projector games and applications need only integrate them with the Mersive technology.

Although Mersive haven’t played games using the full capacity of the 360 degree projections, they have played Quake on large, multi-projector, multi-wall environments. Mr. Bolen explained,

Because the source code is available for Quake it is possible to put the “hooks” into it to use our display technology. Coordination would be needed with the developers of other PC-based games or consoles such as Playstation or Xbox in order to get them running on these displays.

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