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Gesture Control For Cell Phones

Gesture Control For Cell Phones

A new touch-less interface for mobile phones could eliminate the finger print smudges haunts all touchscreens...

Researchers at the Tokyo University have developed a touch-less interface that can track the 3D motion of a human finger.

The new gesture interface was developed by Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa and Dr. Takashi Komuro and has been dubbed the “Vision-Based Input Interface”.

Air Mouse For Cell Phones

Touchless Interface For Smart Phones

Right now the technology can only be applied to a handful of cell phones as the camera must support a capture rate of at least 154 frames per second, and of course, it must also be located on the front of the cell phone.

Usually two lenses are used to detect 3D movement but customized software enables camera to detect them with only one lens.

Check out the video below to see the Vision-Based Input Interface in action.

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