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The WASP Injector Scuba Diving Knife

The WASP Injector Scuba Diving Knife

The most effective knife for underwater protection…

The WASP injector knife does exactly what it says on the label; it packs a lethal injection of compressed air that adds a ball of cold punishment into each strike.

Upon piercing its target, the WASP injector knife expels a freezing ball of compressed gas at 800psi which can freeze an area approximately the size of basket ball in an instant.

The concept behind the injector knife was derived from the devastating effects that compressed air can have on the body whilst underwater. Anyone with scuba diving experience knows that holding our breath and rising to the surface quickly can cause the lungs to explode from over inflation.

wasp knife

WASP Injector Knife

Injecting the high pressure gas into an underwater predator not only freezes all the organs surrounding the wound, but it also causes the predator to rise to the surface before any blood is spilled, thus distracting other potentials attackers away from the diver – especially handy for sharks who home in on the smell of the blood.

While the concept and design of the WASP injector knife makes it a perfect weapon for underwater protection, it is equally effective as hunting or tactical knife.

Needless to say, no matter how effective the injector knife is, both WASP and 800HighTech do not condone the killing of innocent creatures.

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