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Water Powered Jet Pack

Water Powered Jet Pack

JetLev release water powered Jetpack breaks the time barrier of traditional jetpacks by using an alternative fuel: Water, and lots of it.

The ideas of having a jet pack has been around even before the first jet pack was ever built. Soon after first prototypes were built, the limitations were quickly seen. Having a reliable and safe fuel source was not available, and traditional jet packs have given riders a short enjoyment of 30 seconds or less. Well that has all changed.

A little late for Christmas, but just in time for anyone wanting to splurge out this Easter, the JetLev jetpack , designed by Raymond Li, will satisfy all your extreme water sport needs, and plenty more.

jetlev water powered jetpack

JetLev Jetpack

The jetpack, comprised of ‘lightweight fiberglass backpack connected to a hose that sucks up water’ has the ability to propel the wearer up to 30ft high whilst zooming along at a speed over 22mph. The design of the jetpack separates the engine and fuel from the backpack, which drastically reduces the lift weight.

The backpack blasts out jets of water that produce 430 pounds of thrust, according to New Scientist, the ‘device’s thrust-to-weight ratio is three times better than that of a fighter jet,’ but it is apparently easier to control; the pilot uses simple hand controls to adjust the pressure and angle of the water. Check out the promo video to this crazy water-powered jetpack action.

Li added that the force of the jets is equal to ‘[the] force a firefighter experiences when he points a water jet at a fire.’ The jetpack went on display at the International boat show in Germany, 22 – 30th January.

New scientist reports that initial sales will probably go to resorts and rental agencies, but Li hopes that the technology could become useful for water rescues, marine inspections and even peacekeeping missions.

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