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What is an OLED Display

What is an OLED Display

This year will see the release of many devices sporting OLED displays, but what exactly is an OLED display, how do they work and what are the advantages?

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. The “O” in OLED refers to organic material, in this case Carbon. OLED displays have many advantages over traditional LED’s, these include fast response times, wider viewing angles, outstanding contrast levels and exceptional brightness. The technology also allows for extremely thin, lightweight and bendable designs, giving OLED’s the necessary properties to become the display technology of the future.

OLED display work by applying an electric current to the organic material sandwiched between two conductors which in turn are sandwiched between glass plates at the top (seal) and bottom (substrate). When electricity is sent between the conductors, a bright electro-luminescent light is produced directly from the organic material.

OLED’s can also be manufactured on a variety of seals and substrates such as optically-clear plastic films and thin, bendable metallic foils. Using this technologies OLED’s can become flexible (FOLED).


Flexible OLED

The OLED primary color matrix is arranged in red, green, and blue Pixels, and these are mounted directly to a printed circuit board. This gives the OLED more control over color expression because it only expresses pure colors when an electric Current stimulates the relevant Pixels.

The thickness of the organic Layer is adjusted to produce the strongest light for each of the colors – red, green and blue – used to render the color picture. The three colors are further refined by a color filter, which purifies each one without the need for a polarizer, resulting in outstanding color purity.


OLED Displays

Each individual OLED element is housed in a special “micro-cavity” structure designed to greatly reduce ambient light interference and therefore improving overall color Contrast.

Being easy to manufacture, having a thing a light form-factor, and having many advantages over CRT and LCD displays, OLED’s look set to boom in 2010.

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