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WiFox Boosts Large Wi-Fi Networks

WiFox Boosts Large Wi-Fi Networks

New WiFox software boosts busy Wi-Fi networks by 700 percent…

Researchers at the North Carolina State University have developed software that can boost congested Wi-Fi networks by up to 700 percent. The technology could improve large Wi-Fi networks in airports, coffee shops, hotels and office buildings.

The new software, called WiFox, works by prioritizing data to help it travel more efficiently. This allows the network to send and receive and more data at any one time.

Tests were conducted on a network, which can support 45 computers. Without the software the data backlog clogged up as more users connected. But with the software turned on, the team noticed a 400 percent increase in performance when 25 users connected to the network, and 700 percent when 45 users were connected.

wifox improves large wifi networks

WiFox Improves Congested Wi-Fi Networks

Image Credit: Joel Washing, 2007.

One major selling point of the software is that is can be installed on existing networks with no hardware upgrades required. Arpit Gupta, a PhD student in computer science at NC State and lead author of a paper describing the work, said:

“One of the nice things about this mechanism is that it can be packaged as a software update that can be incorporated into existing Wi-Fi networks…

“WiFox can be incorporated without overhauling a system.”

The research will be presented at a conference in France next month.

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