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Windows Backup Software

Windows Backup Software

Don't be brave - SAVE! With all the tools available to users today there should be no reason why you do not have a back-up in place. It is easy to use and offers plenty of space.

Hopefully you have not had to find this out personally, but in case you don’t already know: Hard drives and software fails happen! This includes breakdowns, virus, damage, and other unexpected destinations.

The first step in selecting the right back-up is identifying your operating system. Since Windows is the leader by far, we will focus on that. Back-up software designed for Windows is familiar with a wide range of file types and the core files of windows – leaving nothing to chance.

Can your business survive the loss of important data? Are you prepared to leave your critical files and personal, irreplaceable memories unprotected?

Once you have the software installed the rest is easy. The software is automated and will have walk through steps for additional options. Backup software also include the newest features for redundancy, cloud storage, and remote management.

Provides the most robust feature set in its class:

  • Multiple Backup and Copy Mode Settings
  • Connection available to Free Amazon S3 Storage
  • FTP storage destinations
  • Full Support for NAS devices
  • Anti virus scanning of backups
  • Much more!

Windows Backup Software

Windows Backup Software

With this award-winning windows backup, your files are secured allowing you to put your mind at ease. Software support makes additional resources available, so you can configure your back-ups more. Whether you are storing your back-ups locally or online it is easy to get started and keep running. If you are not familiar with cloud storage take advantage of FREE 2GB online storage after purchasing!

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