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Wood iPod

Wood iPod

Stylish Australian red cedar and camphor laurel iPod mod...

This stylish iPod mod was done by Josh D from Australia. Utilizing Australian red cedar and camphor laurel, Josh recovered his is iPod Mini with a wooden case built around an original iPod case.

Wood iPod Mod

Using his trusty Dremal tool, Josh craftily recovered the guts of his old pod Mini with red cedar. The click wheel is constructed from a piece camphor laurel that has been shaved down to just a few millimetres thick. Surprisingly, the wooden click-wheel offers an equally smooth experience.

Wooden iPod Components

“The wooden click-wheel ended up being just as responsive as the original plastic click-wheel. I ended up shaving the click-wheel to only a couple millimetres thick, and the iPod’s sensor picks up the signal no worries.”

Josh used brass plates for the top and bottom of the iPod. He also used brass screws to hold thing together. He didn’t stop there either. After finishing the iPod, Josh used the leftover camphor laurel to recover an iPod Mini dock.

The result, is a stylish steampunk wooden iPod with matching dock.

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