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Worlds First Stretchable Wires

Worlds First Stretchable Wires

The worlds first stretchable wires will not only reduce cord clutter, but will spur on the development of flexible robotics...

A Japanese company has developed the world’s first stretchable wires, which will not only help to reduce cord clutter but could path the way for new stretchable electronics embedded in robots and fabrics.

The Roboden wires, developed by Japanese Spandex-maker Asahi Kasei Fibers, are the world’s first elastic electrical cable, and are already available in Japan in a few variations including USB cables and standard power cords.

roboden stretchable elastic wires

Roboden Elastic Wires

While the wires will help clear up the endless amounts of wireless clogging up homes and office spaces, the real benefits will be warmly embraced by automated machinery and robotics. Here connecting cables have to allow for the robots maximum range of motion, which result in lots of hazardous excess wire. By acting like elastic, the Roboden wires never have slack, which stops the wires getting in the way.

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