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The Worlds First Personal Supercomputer

The Worlds First Personal Supercomputer

The world's first supercomputer which is 250 times faster than the average PC has finally been unveiled.

The world’s first personal supercomputer, the Tesla supercomputer, has been unveiled at a recent demonstration in London.

With a price tag between 4,000 to 8,000 pounds, the Tesla supercomputer maybe slightly out of the reach of most consumers, but it is expected to revolutionize the way scientists and medical professional process their data.

nvidia tesla supercomputer

NVIDIA Tesla Supercomputer

The computing power of the new supercomputer will allow doctors and scientists to process results more quickly, enabling them to diagnose patients within hours instead of days.

Because of the thousands of simultaneous simulations the supercomputer can process, medical researchers also believe that the device will aid them in the discovery of cures for diseases like cancer and malaria.

Previously, supercomputers were massive systems consisting of thousands of machines that took up entire rooms. They used to cost millions of pounds to build and maintain and had only been employed by government agencies and large corporations.

The new Tesla supercomputer, with its reasonably affordable price tag and dimensions similar to that of a regular PC, has already set the standard for the future of supercomputers.

David Kirk, chief scientist at NVIDIA, the American company known for its range of high-end graphics cards, said:

“Pretty much anything that you do on your PC that takes a lot of time can be accelerated with this…
“These supercomputers can improve the time it takes to process information by 1,000 times…
“If you imagine it takes a week to get a result [from running an experiment], you can only do it 52 times a year. If it takes you minutes, you can do it constantly, and learn just as much in a day.”

The new computers make innovative use of graphics processing units – a technological breakthrough, which the company claims could bring lightning speeds to the next generation of home computers.

The Tesla supercomputer has already gone on sale to British consumers, and is initially being aimed at universities and the scientific research community.

PC manufacturer Dell, said they plan to be mass producing them for the general public very soon. Dell senior executive Eric Greffier, said:

“Before mobile phones were reserved for the few, now we can’t live without them. It will be the same with these supercomputers. They are the building block for the computing of the future.”

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  1. so what’s the specs ?

  2. Any reasonably technically group of people can now build their own scalable parallel processing supercomputers. The technology is not overly complex and indeed anyone can buy a truckload of surplus or scrapped computers, salvage the processors and wire them together.
    This would be a great project for a Boy Scout or Girl Guide troop, or for a bunch of high school students.
    If anyone decides to cact on this suggestion, could they please have “Alexander” as part of the name of their machine? That is all I ask!!

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