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The Worlds Smallest Mouse

The Worlds Smallest Mouse

The Z-Nano USB mouse takes travel sized peripherals to the next level...

Every season, technological developments allow devices to become more compact. But while mobile devices become smaller, the accessories, peripherals and touch interfaces available for these devices have maintained a rather standard size.

Smaller ‘travel-sized’ mouses’ are not a new thing, but the delicate dimensions of the world’s smallest optical mouse, the Z-Nano USB Mouse, puts this travel-size accessory on a new level.

Z Nano The Worlds Smallest Mouse

The tiny Z-Nano USB measures just 42 x 21 x 17.65mm, slightly bigger than an Ethernet connection.

Despite its tiny proportions, the Z-Nano comes packed with as many features as a mouse can carry.

The plug in play USB mouse comes with a selectable laser tracking resolution from 100DPI to 1600DPI, an auto scroll function, a picture slot for personalization, and a bright LED light to help you locate the easily misplaced peripheral.

The device also sports high quality Japanese tact-switches, as well as a rare-earth magnet that holds the connector to the mouse.

The mouse comes bagged in a bizarre net bag or a clamshell case, and although it looks like it could be awkward to use, the buttons have been shifted round to make it more ergonomic.

The left click is at the front, and the right one at the back, and a small rocker switch on the side acts as the scroll button.

At around the same size as a adult thumb, the Z-Nano joins the list of devices/accessories that prove small does not necessarily mean less features.

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  1. Amazing!
    Mianiaturized notebooks, MP3 players, and now such a tiny mouse!
    What do they think of next?

  2. Wow! it IS really small …
    Great for travellers and notebook users.

    Videos look interesting.
    Wonder how easy it is to use ….

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