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Transform Your Xbox into Powerful Media Center with XBMC Hack

Transform Your Xbox into Powerful Media Center with XBMC Hack

Transform your Xbox Classic into the Ultimate Media Center

Forget trying to pry open your Xbox to solder on a modchip that allows you hack your classic machine. A new software modification lets you replace the Microsoft dashboard with the stunning open source Xbox Media Center Software, transforming your once discarded machine into a user friendly, and very accessible media center.

Xbox XMBC Media Center Hack

Xbox XMBC Media Center Hack

After the release of the Xbox 360 many classic Xbox’s have unfortunately been left to gather dust. With a powerful processor, a sizable hard drive and an Ethernet port your old Xbox is capable of a lot more than simply connecting to Xbox Live or playing Halo 2. With the new XBMC software installed on you Xbox, you will be able to:

  • Access and play videos, music and photo slideshows located in any shared folders on your network.
  • Transfer files to and from your Xbox hard drive.
  • Rip DVD’s (or any file) to a shared folder for later use: burning, back up etc.
  • Watch Apple movie trailers, YouTube videos, videos and see RSS newsfeeds loaded from the internet.
  • Watch DVDs “dongle” free (no more DVD Playback Kit required!)

First you will need to collect a list of software and hardware that enables the soft mod.

  • Xbox Classic
  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell must be the original un-copied version, Pandora’s Tomorrow or Chaos Theory versions won’t work
  • Action Replay Kit – USB memory card that lets you load and save games, unlock games and store cheats.
  • Ethernet Router – A connection to the internet through a standard network router must be established.

To comfortably install the Media Center Hack you should be familiar with concepts like IP address assignments on your home network, FTP and IRC. However, once you have gathered the required specifics, the hack is pretty quick and simple.

Acquire All-in-One Exploit Package.

First thing you need to do is acquire an All-in-One exploit package. To do this you have to log onto an IRC channel, issue a command to query the FTP server location, and get temporary login details in order to acquire the files.Using your preferred IRC chat client (any will do) type:

  • /server

Once connected to EFNet type:

  • /j #xbins

Then type:

  • /msg xbins !list

You will then receive a private message with 2 sets of FTP login details. One is for the softmod installer, the other is for XBMC.

Once logged onto the first FTP find the location you got from xbins and download the softmod archive, this is located at:

  • /XBOX/Console Based Applications/exploits/Packages/Softmod Installer Deluxe/Softmod.Installer.Deluxe.v2.0.Xbox-Hq.rar

Then, disconnect and login to the second FTP server to grab the XBMC archive:

  • XBMC-2.0.1-FINAL-FAT-T3CH.rar.

Extract the files and save them to your PC.

Install the Action Replay software on your PC and transfer the files you downloaded.

From your Softmod.Installer.Deluxe.v2.0.Xbox-Hq folder, drag and drop two files:


into the “PC Database” column of the Action Replay software.

Note: US users will need the NTSC file; UK users should go with the PAL version.

This should add a “LINUX_Profile” saved game to the Splinter Cell folder, as well as a “Linux Installer” folder.

Drag and drop the “Linux Installer” folder to the Memory Card column, as shown (click to enlarge):

Next you must transfer the Linux Installer to the Xbox hard Drive.Plug the Action Replay Card into one of your Xbox controllers. Make sure the disk drive is empty and start the Xbox.

In the Memory Area locate the Linux Installer saved game, select and copy the game to the Xbox hard drive as shown.

Then repeat the process with the second file your Action Replay card back into the PC. The 8MB of space on the card will not be large enough to store both files so delete the Linux Installer. Locate the file and transfer it to your Xbox using the same method as the previously mentioned.Using The Game Exploit.

Put the Splinter Cell disk into your Xbox and turn on the power. In the Profiles list there will be the previously saved games and an additional Linux profile. Select the Linux profile and select Check’ points (not Levels’). This is when you begin to see the magic happen.

After a few seconds, Your Xbox will display an UnleashX intro screen and control panel.

First it is best to be safe, so select ‘Create MS Backup’ and when that’s complete select ‘Create Mod Backup’.Then it’s time to install modification, so go to ‘Install Softmod’ hit the button and wait for the status bar to let you know the job is done.Now choose “Install UnleashX” from the menu. This will replace the standard Microsoft dashboard with UnleashX permanently. Once complete, restart your Xbox and smile incessantly as you watch the UnleashX boot up instead of the Microsoft dashboard.

Using the UnleashX dash board and it default settings there are host of applications ready to go. You watch and burn DVD’s to the Xbox hard drive but there is a bit more to configure to get the best out of the hack.

Configure The Xbox Network Settings.

Now you have the UnleashX dashboard working on your Xbox, its time to get the network settings configured so you can transfer and share data with the other computers on your network.

Plug your Xbox into your network router. Then navigate the UnleashX menus and using the green A button select:

  • System > Settings > Network.

In this menu make sure ‘Enable’ is set to ‘Yes’, ‘Type’ set to ‘DHCP’ and the ‘FTP Server’ is set also to ‘Yes’ as pictured above.

NOTE: These are the most common network settings; configuration may differ depending on your home network. Refer to the manufacturer’s handbook if problems arise.Install Xbox Media Center

Go back to your PC and start your chosen FTP client, locate and log into your Xbox. The server location will be the IP address shown on the UnleashX screen, and your username and password will be in the Xbox’s network Settings (xbox/xbox, by default.)

Navigate to /E/Apps/ folder. Back on your local machine, extract the XBMC archive you downloaded From the XBMC-2.0.1-FINAL-FAT-T3CH folder you uncared, grab the entire XBMC subfolder and FTP it to the Xbox’s /E/Apps/.

Once you restart your Xbox, you will now see Xbox Media Center listed in the Applications section. Select to launch the Application.Now you’re in business!

With the XBMC installed on your Xbox you will quickly see how user friendly and useful this application is, and because of its open source nature you can expect lots more upgrades, add-ons and install scripts to come in the near future.

Source: LifeHacker

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  1. I am having trouble, once I click on checkpoints on the profile, i get a “please call for service” on a black screen with green lettering. What should I do?

  2. Take xboxhdm_v1.9 package and make a bootable iso and burn it. Use the c and e backups from slayer’s auto installer to put in it.

    Then do a hotswap so that the hdd will unlock and boot from my xboxhdm_v1.9 iso disk that you made.

    Choose Option 1 to fully rebuild c and e drives.

    Then start the hack and make a MS backup and mod backup.

    FTP all partitions from the xBox to the pc and burn it for future reference.

  3. I don’t have splinter cell, how can I do the same trick with mechassault? I see there is a rar file for mechassault.

  4. can I use a mac to complete the hack?

  5. can i pay somebody to do this ? lol im from malaysia/selangor .. if u can do this please leave me a message together with ur service fee …. or u can leave me a message at msn messenger same email …. or u tell me if i can go to a shop within the area ….

    thanks !

  6. @Daren

    Actually I am sure it would be easy to find some geek in your area to do this.

    I have a friend that sells the XBox and Playstation already modified, but he doesn’t sell over the internet.

    Get on your local forums and find a geek near you.


  7. Hi, thank you very much. I´ve done everything you said and…it worked. Now my xbox it´s alive again, i´m really really happy.

    I needed to buy the datel action replay for 44€, a bit expensive but it worth it. I also bought the remote control for 7€ and it rocks watching the movies on my server on tv.

    Thanks a lot again, great job.

  8. i have a question, ok i have unleashed on my xbox and it works fine. but is there anyway to add the full linux program to my xbox without using a disk to install it. i jus want it as a app so whenever i need it i can use it.

    plz help.

  9. Try uploading Linux to your XBox HD and running it from there instead of using the disk.

  10. Does this also work with a apple network and how do I install it working with a mac?
    Can you still play games after this hack?

  11. Hey, I got a mod. xbox from a friend a year or so ago. My question is, my friend got on it and was drunk and changed a few things. Then gave it to me. Is there a site that has how to completely configure it the right way? It won’t see that there is a disc in the tray when I put one in it. Any help would be great.

  12. Ryan, i have been modding xbox for a little time in softmods and chips and also xbox case to pc mods.

    dose the cd boot when you are not in the dash EG a game if it don’t your did drive might have a wire out or stoped workin.

    you can get spares off ebay or hit me a line
    off my contact page on
    as i have many old systems what i only use for pc case mods as the motherboard or hdds are dead.

  13. My Xbox is conected to Pc Monitor via VgaBox V2V, and all the games running good.
    With the NTSC version of the mod, the load screen for the checkpoint of the Splinter Cell appears statics for more of 5 minutes (the music play normally), and with the PAL version, the Xbox crash… ¿What can I do? ¿Is neccesary to connect to a TV for doit?
    Thanks, boys.

  14. I solved for myself… I was set the video options to widescreen and… VOILA…
    All is running….

  15. Do you know how to configure the rss in the xbox media center? Thanks in advance.

  16. how do you do it on a mac os x 9 or earlier?

  17. Worked for me! Thanks a lot!

  18. Hi guys,

    having troubles with my xbox, trying to chip it 🙂

    I have dowloaded both ZIP files and work with my memory card, trasnfered the files on the xbox and ran splinter cell. I get the Linux name, check it and go to next page Checkpoints and then, nothing is happening at all ?! It gets stuck there and does not run Linux ??? HellllllllllP

    Thanks 😉

  19. How can hack orkut accound my dear friend  tell me all of u

  20. Could i get the mod using a COMPAQ

  21. Help! i can’t FTP into my XBOX anymore. I only got in once. I changed from static to DHCP and it doesn’t show an IP Address. I really need to FTP into my XBOX. I have Unleash-X. Thanks. I don’t have any firewalls, other than the Windows Firewall. I have a 2WIRE Router w/ Wi-Fi. Also, Static does show an IP but DHCP doesn’t. Please I need help. Thanks.

  22. This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally
    I’ve found something that helped me. Thanks!

  23. Dude sorry if I sound stupid, but I have a xbox 360 phat, is this a classic xbox or not?

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