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Xio First-Person Full-Body Motion Control For Gaming

Xio First-Person Full-Body Motion Control For Gaming

Novint Xio full-body gaming control brings virtual reality tech to first person shoot ‘em-ups…

The guys over at Novint have unveiled their new full-body Xio gaming controller that merges the boundaries of augmented and virtual reality for a fully immersive gaming/training experience.

Officially known as the Self Contained Virtual Reality Gaming and Training System, the Xio, adds a sense of touch to the peripheral-based motion-control similar to that seen in Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Move, and Xbox Kinect.

novint xio arm controller

Novint Xio Arm Controller

The device can be used with virtual reality glasses or displayed on a large screen for others to see. And as the name suggests, the system is not just motion control and tactile feedback for gaming, it can also be used with military training simulators.

“When you shoot a gun, take a full body golf swing, jump a car, or smash a sword into a shield, you’ll be able to feel what happens.”

Within moments of watching the clip you realize just how immersive this system really is, and it just keeps getting better as each section is detailed.

This really has to be a glimpse of motion control of the future, as I said before, that’s real virtual reality stuff right there.
Of course a prototype device crammed with so much technology is breeding ground for software bugs, so many it could take years to work all the kinks to be sold commercially, however the team previous endeavors, which include other gaming control such as the Falcon, have certainly equipped them with more than enough knowledge to do so.

Novint say that the device will cost around the same as the Falcon, which makes it commercially viable product, let’s just hope there’s some good investor interest to help get this on the market within a reasonable time frame.

Novint Falcon

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