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XM-25 For US Special Forces

XM-25 For US Special Forces

The U.S. Special Forces will be deployed with the smart XM-25 weapon later this summer…

U.S Army officials announced May 5th that U.S Special Forces will take the highly-anticipated XM-25 weapon with them to Afghanistan later this summer.

The XM-25, while essentially labeled a grenade launcher, is much more than that. Firing laser guided smart rounds able to explode at a range set by soldier, provides increased lethality with a reduced loss of civilian lives.

XM-25 Smart Weapon For US Special Forces

XM-25 Smart Weapon For US Special Forces

According to reports from, veterans of the Afghanistan conflict who tried the weapon predicted it would be a “game changing” gun capable of taking out insurgents hidden behind cover.

The XM-25 (originally featured in our ‘High-Tech Infantry Guns’ article here>>>) is a precision direct, and indirect, fire weapon system that combines an array of sophisticated sensors, lasers and optics with a microchip-embedded 25mm high explosive round.

The laser gauges a distance to target and allows the soldier to set where the round will detonate, adding or subtracting increments of 3 meters from the laser-spotted point.

Then the scope tells a microchip inside the round how far it should travel before exploding. Each Heckler & Koch-made 25mm round holds two warheads that pack more punch than the current 40mm grenade launchers.

Armed with XM-25, soldiers would basically have immediate, long-distance explosive firepower in rifle form, as opposed to having to wait on mortar strikes, artillery or airstrikes.

Army Sgt. Christopher Shupe, who recently returned from a combat tour in Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Division, said:

“When you have something that you can set the distance where it explodes — that takes their defenses away — it’s essentially like carrying a mortar tube, but it’s in a rifle format and it’s something that any Soldier can use,”

Calling in an airstrike or fire mission can take up to 10 mins, but carrying a weapon such as the XM-25 will reduce that time to almost zero. Lt. Col. Christopher Lehner, program manager for individual Soldier weapons at PEO-Soldier said:

“With XM-25, in under five seconds I could lase, put the reticule on target, and pull the trigger. At 400 meters, it takes another two seconds to get there and explode.”

Priced at $25,000 per weapon, the Army plans to spend $34 million on further development of the XM-25 in 2011 with a production start slated for 2012, according to service budget documents.

The service is planning and initial buy of 12,500 XM-25s, however this decision is awaiting review by senior Army officials.

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  1. i like to use on Pakistani military ……..

  2. This kind of device was sci-fi only a short time ago!

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