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Zboard Electric Skateboard

Zboard Electric Skateboard

The Zboard - a real hands-free electric skateboard…

The Zboard electronic skateboard, a project that originated on Kickstater, has recently been demoed at this years CES in Las Vegas. The battery powered skateboard utilizes a 400w electric motor to propel the board up to speeds of 15-17mph.

To operate the Zboard the rider simply steps on the front weight-sensing pad to go forward, and presses on the rear pad to slow down. Steering is designed to feel like a normal skateboard, so anyone with any skating experience should find it a breeze to get going, and the large rubber off-road wheels handle pretty much any flat terrain.


Zboard Electric Skateboard

The board is large enough to sport a handle that’s carved out of the deck, and a tidy battery box underneath the box neatly house the additional components.

There are two variations of the Zboard, the Classic model ($649) which runs for up to 5 miles with a top speed of around 15 mph, and the Zboard Pro ($949), which goes for up to 10 miles with a slightly higher top speed of 17mph.

zboard electric skateboard

Zboard Electric Skateboard

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